Penhire charges based on time spent on each job, with three different hourly rates for the different aspects of our work (rather than different rates for each staff member).

Hourly Rates

Proofreading: €60/hour (ex VAT)
If the text provided by the client is close to complete in terms of content, Penhire will proofread and make the appropriate changes to provide publishable copy, removing grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure errors before uploading the copy to the web.
Editing: €90/hour (ex VAT)
With the basic text provided by the client, Penhire will add the professional "polish" to it. This includes: rewriting passages and changing information order to add clarity; editing/changing language and tone of voice in order to be consistent with the message; proof reading and uploading as above.
Consulting, Copywriting and Research: €150/hour (ex VAT)
Supplied with a creative brief and/or bullet points, Penhire will supplement this information through research via interview, book, newspaper, internet research and site visits (if necessary). We will then write and edit a series of drafts to produce text with the appropriate content, language, and tone of voice. The final draft will be edited inhouse before being sent to client.

Daily Rates

These rates apply only to individual tasks of over two days duration:

Travel expenses

Mileage will be charged at the rate of €1.26 per mile (ex VAT). Travel expenses will be charged at cost and include (though not restricted to) such particulars as: accommodation, transport, food, entry fees, parking, and communication (i.e. internet charges) costs.


Briefings and administrative meetings are not charged - subsequent meetings will be charged at an hourly rate of €150 (ex VAT). Travel expenses to meetings within Dublin City are not charged.


Telephone calls, faxes, and emails are not billed out.


All costs are subject to VAT at the current rate of 21%, unless deemed otherwise by the tax office.


 Ex. VATInc. VAT
Hourly Rates
Daily Rates
Mileage (per mile)€1.26€1.52
Meetings (per meeting)€150.00€181.50